I don't choose where I travel next, it chooses me.



Travel Extraordinaire

Anytime I connect with friends, they’re always asking “So, where are you traveling to next?”.

Really, I don’t know.

My response is, “I don’t choose where I travel next, it chooses me.”


Yeah, yeah, hippie dippy, but it’s true!

I keep an open mind and travel to an intriguing place when the flight fares are low. I love me a good mistaken airfare that is only good for a few hours, or a low fare to a small town in the middle of nowhere. I’ve flown to Peru on an $88 round trip (tax included) for a whirlwind, sleep-deprived 4 day weekend.

My advice to you:

  • Be flexible
  • Spend your holidays at home when airfare and lodging is at its highest
  • Try to travel on Thursdays and Tuesdays, when the fares are usually lowest.
  • Book flights on Tuesday afternoons, on the airline’s official website.
  • Book a flight deal to a major city airport in the continent of choice, then book a separate “domestic” or intracontinental flight on a regional airline for the best deals.
    • For example:
      • I’ve been keeping my eye out for flights to Saigon, Vietnam but if I catch a good deal to Bangkok I will likely book the flight from the US to Thailand; then a flight from Bangkok to Saigon on Air Asia, or Bangkok Airlines for an extremely low fare (below $100 USD round trip)
      • I live in DC, but have booked flights out of NYC airports for flight deals. Amtrak or bus fares from DC to NYC are nominal.
  • Expect delays, interruptions and cancellations during all legs of your trips. No trip goes on without a hiccup.


Happy Travels!


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