May 8, 2017

Channel Islands National Park (1/59)

Channel Islands National Park was the first park visited on #NgoDangNormalRoadTrip.

The park was founded in 1980 and is 13 miles from the mainland coast of California. There are 5 islands, and I chose to visit Anacapa Island after seeing beautiful photos of Inspiration Point.

There is only one ferry company that shuttles visitors to the islands- Island Packers. The cost is $59 for a round trip which leaves Oxnard at 9:30am, arrives at East Anacapa at 11:00am; departs Anacapa at 3:15pm and arrives back at Oxnard at 4:30pm.

The ferry ride is scenic and wildlife can be spotted along the way- think dolphins, whales…

The Anacapas consist of 3 islets, East, Middle and West Anacapa Island. 

East Anacapa Island has a 2 mile trail that takes you around the entire perimeter, from the dock to Inspiration Point, then back. There is no shade, no food or drink for sale and no buildings to go into. The Visitor Center on the island was locked when we were there, however the ferry personnel can unlock if you need. We didn’t try.

Anacapa Island has the largest breeding colony of the Western Gull birds. Other than the many, many birds, the island may seem like a brown wasteland of nothing (at least in August 2016) but it is also home to the largest population of California brown pelicans and many California sea lions, harbor seals and great white sharks!

The scene was like from the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Birds”, as all the Western gulls took flight all at once but thankfully none of the birds pooped on us! Although that would have been good luck…

These beautiful rock formations look like ships, don’t they?

The hiking trail may seem flat and mundane, but the dust will cover your white shoes and the long walk will eventually hurt your feet. Wear comfortable dark sneakers or hiking boots!

The hiking trail looks dusty and boring, but if you look closely you will see these little flowers. The green one looks milky in the center!



Inspiration Point is the PERFECT spot for a picnic with a loved one. My bestie Barbara and I had a lunch of a few random Starbucks snacks we picked up in the early morning hours. I would say this location and view beats any brunch spot, any day. 

After lunch, we headed back along the trail towards the lighthouse. 

The island is perfect for a day trip: a leisurely stroll, a picnic and some serenity. 

The boat ride back towards Ventura County goes a little bit slower and around the sea arches and stops for the wild life.

The entire Anacapa area reminded me of the coast of Italy, while Inspiration Point felt like I was in Australia! What a beautiful place, and so close to L.A. 


 Thank you for reading! 



All photos taken by Melllypoo via Canon 6D.